Also, starting to do some much larger original watercolors for Jocelyn‘s Inkwell.

Here are some other projects
I've been working on:

Barn & Vine
a new development in the Hamptons, is using some custom watercolor maps to enhance their website

Wharton School of Business
needs custom awards for their Leadership Fellows

Perfection Cleaning is now

and they have a new website to show off



Gothic Windows is an independent resource for small business and non–profit challenges. We specialize in creative electronic media marketing, volunteer recognition, logo and materials design, website and broadcast email design, social media management, copywriting, integration of all this stuff, and one–of–a–kind fine art and presentations.


  • seaturtle painting
  • volunteer recognition
  • Beowulf painting
  • memorial wreath
  • Rossetti Summer
  • zoomorphic cross
  • watercolor lake map